President: Glenn Geiger


Vice President: Craig Parker 

Treasurer: Ted Goodman 

Secretary/Web Site Designer:
Eric Worcester

Philanthropic Coordinator: Doug Barr





In Memory of:
1/5/1947 - 10/27/2005 

Don was the founder of the Buckeye Browns Backers. In dedication to Don in this portion of the site, Ruth Crow explains more about the great late founder of the Buckeye Browns Backers.

"The most important aspect of Don's life was his family. He loved his children and his grandchildren, and was present at each of their births. He melted when he was with each of them and made them laugh all the time and they adored him. His dog Sluggo was his sidekick and was always by his side till the moment he passed away. They were inseparable."
"Don grew up watching the Browns with his dad, Joe, so he pretty much knew everything there was to know about them. He could tell you the date of famous plays and who made them. His idol was Jim Brown and then came Eddie Johnson."
"Eddie and Don were diagnosed with cancer just a few months apart, and would talk on the phone a lot giving each other comfort. Of course, coaching the team the way they thought it should be coached. Eddie said he would relay Don's suggestions, lol."
"When Don got involved in the Browns Backers, he enjoyed it so much, but he said it was missing the family aspect, so he and Rod started the Buckeye Browns Backers. There were kids and families. Don loved kids and thought they should be a part of the Backers and right he was. He felt families should spend time together."
"He got involved with Make a Wish, and his greatest joy was getting a little boy tickets to the game. It was the little boys wish. Don went further and got him into the Legends club with the players to watch the game. The players gave him autographed T-shirts hats footballs and made that child very happy. Shortly after that, that child lost his battle with cancer. Don had tears in his eyes and was so grateful he could help, but he never forgot."
"Don would spend all of his time, while he was sick, on the phone with players trying to get them to come to a game at the club, or just talking to people getting them to donate items for charity. He was relentless. He would not let them off the phone unless he had what he wanted, and would not go to a Doctor that was not a Browns fan. We left many doctor's offices untreated. He carried membership forms with him everywhere he went, and never left until he made someone a member."
"He fought a hard battle against cancer for 5 years, and said he would leave this earth on his terms, and he did. He decided when he would stop treatment, he said it was time to see Eddie and get the Browns on the right track."
"At his funeral, the funeral home was adorned with all of his memorabilia. The things he loved and collected his whole life. Everyone wore Browns attire and the football game was on the TV at the funeral home. The cars to the cemetery all had Browns flags. It was a celebration of his life, one he would have been proud of."

- Ruth Crow: Widow of Buckeye Browns Backers' Founder, Don Crow 


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